Burundi – The Rema Hospital – 2007

Based in Ruyigi, Burundi, the Rema Hospital is dedicated to mothers and their children. In Kirundi the word «rema» expresses support, comfort and sympathy for a person suffering difficulties. It summarizes beautifully this project launched by the Shalom House (Maison Shalom) to relieve vulnerable populations. The Shalom House was

Afghanistan – Malalai High School – 2007

In Afghanistan, school libraries are still considered the lowest priority in terms of education, despite their important role in the educational process. Twenty five years of war and repression have destroyed libraries and schools all over the country. In the past five years 7.5 million girls and boys have

Tibet – Medical assistance in remote rural areas – 2006

This project addresses a precarious situation in the Amdo and Kham regions, situated in Eastern Tibet on the border with China. The Amdo area is his holiness the Dalaï Lama’s native home. In these rural regions, health care hardly exists and lack of medical assistance and basic hygiene structures

Brazil – The Village School of Karara’o – 2003

Construction of this new school for children and young adults began in October 2003 and was completed in February 2004, on schedule. The work was carried out by two experts in carpentry whose only modern equipment consisted of a chain saw. In 2006 the library was completed. It contains

Afghanistan – Sewing Workshop in Kabul – 2002

Initiated by the association of Afghan Women and Children (EFA) during the Career Women’s Forum in 2002, the project of creating a sewing workshop in Kabul came to fruits in September 2003. The project was aimed primarily at Afghan widows who were in particularly precarious situations, and the objective was not

Tibet – Tashidom school – 1999

Located in the heart of the Gangdise Shan Province of Tibet, the Tashidom village is 20 km from the Everest Base Camp and 10 km from the Rongbuk Monastery. The construction of the village school began in 1999 and ended in 2000. It allows about 30 pupils from 7