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Support education in Nepal

“School supplies for children in Nepal” is the project to help children from rural Ramechhap district, Bagmati province of Nepal with:
two uniforms, school bags, sneakers, sweatshirt and main school supplies.
Total budget of the project is 12000 CHF and will cover need of 250 kids in following schools:

SAM school, Ramechhap-6 Dumrikharkha, Ramechhap, Nepal
KEBALESHWOR school, Ramechhap-8 Salle Ramechhap, Nepal.
DEVISTHAN school Ramechhap-3 Bhaluwajor, Ramechhap, Nepal.
BALKALYAN school, Arubot, Babyakharkha Ramechhap, Nepal.

Please join us and support those kids. Our aim is to help more than 250 children in future. Every small amount matters!

Or to use link on Global Giving platform:

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About Us

Friends of Humanity is a foundation that tirelessly defends human rights, education, health care, and the environment since 2003. Our projects are currently underway in Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Message from the Founder

On my way, I met Aldo, a remarkable Italian doctor who for 30 years has dedicated his free time to caring for remote indigenous communities, without any official help. To my question about the impact of these solitary actions, he replied: I chose to make small projects, exceptionally well. Like the hummingbird’…. I immediately identified myself and Friends of Humanity was born from this call for solidarity towards the most vulnerable people by listening to their needs and bringing together tangible solutions. The status of women has always been dear to my heart as well as the access to education, hence the selection of the projects. Friends of Humanity is just a drop in the ocean and like the hummingbird I know that this drop of water can make a difference where it’s lacking. This is how my mission and vision come together.

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is crucial for economic development to meet the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This belief guides FOH’s activities to preserve

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Friends of Humanity believes that education plays a vital role in the long term economic growth, especially in developing countries. For this reason, FOH passionately supports educational projects that enable people to learn and

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While the developed countries have a good level of healthcare, there are countries and communities facing many challenges in providing medical care. Located in hilly or mountainous regions is limiting the availability of basic

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Human rights and dignity

Respect of human rights is vital not only to protect the dignity of men and women all over the world but also to ensure effective democracy, sustainable development and lasting peace. We are particularly

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Emergency Aid

In case of unforeseen natural and humanitarian events (floods, droughts, earthquakes, conflicts), Friends of Humanity is also trying to provide emergency assistance in various forms.

The organization is moving quickly to raise funds intended to finance the distribution of food, access to water, emergency medical care, accommodation in suitable shelters, etc.

In the aftermath of disasters, according to the needs assessment, FOH then establishes a program of action that it may develop over the long term to help the people of affected areas and to participate in the restoration of normal living conditions.

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A Time To Share

Your donations will help us make this world a better place. Thank you for your generosity. When donating bear in mind the three following points:

1. Your donation is tax deductible in Switzerland
2. We select reliable, long term, local and culturally adapted projects
3. Your donation will be used with efficiency

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