Completed Project EDUCATION Education

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Construction of this new school for children and young adults began in October 2003 and was completed in February 2004, on schedule. The work was carried out by two experts in carpentry whose only modern equipment consisted of a chain saw.

In 2006 the library was completed. It contains educational materials in both the Kayapo language and in Portuguese so that the teachers can provide a bi-lingual education. The teachers also help the students use the internet. A motor boat, the only sensible mode of transport in this area, was also provided to enable the teachers to travel from school to school to give classes.

Graziella Zanoletti visits this village regularly to follow the progress of the project. Dr. Aldo Lo Curto, who has been active in the humanitarian field in the Amazon region for over 30 years, also visits the region during his yearly visits. The local representative of the Funaçao Nacional Do Indio (FUNAI) keeps us well informed of the needs and progress of the school and students.

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