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Located in the heart of the Gangdise Shan Province of Tibet, the Tashidom village is 20 km from the Everest Base Camp and 10 km from the Rongbuk Monastery.

The construction of the village school began in 1999 and ended in 2000. It allows about 30 pupils from 7 different grades to receive primary education, with the help of a single teacher. In 2007 the first group of children graduated from the school was able to attend high school in Lhasa.

In 2007 Friends of Humanity supplied the school with solar panels worth $ 5,000. The electricity  created by the solar panels allows for evening classes for the parents.

Currently, the school needs a second teacher and in 2008, it was also planned to build another 2 or 3 additional classrooms and a living space for the second teacher. FOH is very proud of the accomplishments at the Tashidom school. However, due to the difficult political situation in the region, FOH had unfortunately to give up this project. We hope to be able to resume our commitment to the region as soon as possible.

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