Healthy Yak

Nepal – Healthy Yak – 2011

« A Healthy Yak is a Happy Yak! »   In the spring of 2009, Dr. Lance S. Fox, a veterinarian from the United States, ventured to the top of our world’s highest point, the summit of Mount Everest. While at Mount Everest base camp preparing to climb to

victims of the earthquake in Yushu!

Tibet – 2010 Yushu Earthquake

Mobilize for the victims of the earthquake in Yushu!   THE FACTS : On April 14th, 2010, a massive earthquake devastated the Tibetan county of Yushu killing more than 2,100 people with more than 12,000 wounded. The remote location and high altitude delay the rescue operations, leaving many people

Switzerland – Liberté – 2008

The vision of Liberté is of a world where human trafficking no longer exists. Human trafficking is the third largest criminal activity worldwide, after trafficking in arms and drugs. Approximately 2.5 million people are trafficked every year. The victims are recruited or transferred through some forms of coercion or deception and

Jardim de Juramidam

Brazil – Jardim de Juramidam – 2008

Jardim de Juramidam is an area of 57 hectares located near the village of Alto Paraiso in the Brazilian Cerrado. Situated in central-western Brazil, this region has unique fauna and flora and one of the richest biodiversities in the world. Despite its unique biodiversity and warnings from organizations, a

Nepal – Smilehigh – 2008

SmileHigh aimed to improve the quality of life for the people located in remote areas of Nepal by providing dental care. A recent change in diet, in particular a huge increase in sugar intake, has caused a drastic increase of the number of dental problems, especially among children. This

Nepal - Samagon medical initiative

Nepal – Samagon medical initiative – 2008

The remote Samagon village is located at the foot of Manaslu Peak. The access to this region is very difficult. The transporting of food and health care is also problematic. Initiated by Russell Brice of FOH, a joint program between World Food Programme (WFP), SmileHigh, Himalayan Experience and Nepal

Boddishata, Arunachal Pradesh

Brazil – The Village School of Pakanhan – 2007

In August 2007, Friends of Humanity sponsored the construction of a school in the village of Pakanhan on the Xhingu river in Brazil. By August of 2008, the construction of the school had been completed, and classes for the children in the community were able to begin on schedule.

The Rema Hospital

Burundi – The Rema Hospital – 2007

Based in Ruyigi, Burundi, the Rema Hospital is dedicated to mothers and their children. In Kirundi the word «rema» expresses support, comfort and sympathy for a person suffering difficulties. It summarizes beautifully this project launched by the Shalom House (Maison Shalom) to relieve vulnerable populations. The Shalom House was

Afghanistan Malalai High School

Afghanistan – Malalai High School – 2007

In Afghanistan, school libraries are still considered the lowest priority in terms of education, despite their important role in the educational process. Twenty five years of war and repression have destroyed libraries and schools all over the country. In the past five years 7.5 million girls and boys have