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The remote Samagon village is located at the foot of Manaslu Peak. The access to this region is very difficult. The transporting of food and health care is also problematic. Initiated by Russell Brice of FOH, a joint program between World Food Programme (WFP), SmileHigh, Himalayan Experience and Nepal doctors took place in Nepal to bring food and healthcare to this remote population.

Russell and his team provided the logistics and tent accommodation for SmileHigh and the doctors who went to Samagon. They also coordinated the liaison between the doctors, SmileHigh and the UN World Food Program who supported this initiative by helicopter.

WFP helicopters transported 3 doctors and 6 dentists into the remote Samagon village at the foot of Manaslu Peak. The doctors treated about 700 people whilst the dentists presented dental hygiene lectures and treated about 600 people. The WFP as part of its Food for Work Program took over and donated about 12 tons of rice to local people in exchange for work on paths, bridges and community projects. Himalayan Experience donated the infrastructure to enable the doctors and dentists to be accommodated and temporary clinics.

This project aimed to improve the quality of life for those living in remote areas in Nepal as well as reducing malnutrition and improving infrastructures of the region.

Photos taken by Mike Scott of the Taranaki Daily News Online

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