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2.8 Million menstruating women and girls, Rwanda

The aim of Friends of Humanity is still seeking to collect the money required to complete different projects around the world. FOH has been aiming to improve living conditions in the following sectors: defence of human dignity, education and training, health and medicine, environmental protection, contribution to the development of microfinance projects, communication and awareness-raising.

Reportedly 18% of schoolgirls miss class regularly when they menstruate.

Thousands of girls and women (over 60’000) live in Rwandan in refugee camps as a result of regional wars. There are 2.8 million menstruating women and girls in Rwanda and pads are not widely used because of lack of knowledge or lack of access to products. They do not have access to affordable sanitary pads, they often use a piece of cloth or other material they can find, and water is lacking; these unhygienic conditions cause vaginal infections, skin irritations and often embarrassing stains in public and stigmatizing situations.

A project status

The production will start in January 2022. It is an ambitious project to support the local population of the Mahama camps. It is meant to be environmentally friendly both in its logistics and in the biodegradable raw materials used.

The project aims to be self-sufficient from the second half of 2022; the net income resulting from the sale of sanitary pads in and outside the camp will be used to duplicate it a new camp.



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