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Sanothimi, Suryabinayek, Kirtipur and Nalinchowok Bhaktapur, Nepal

The situation in Nepal is really critical at this moment, the people don’t have work, everything is closed (stores, restaurants, schools, … as everywhere) being unable to go out and getting hard time to feed their family. Besides thousands of Nepali migrant workers returned back home after losing their jobs following India’s lockdown, resulting in a humanitarian crisis.


Most of the Nepalis don’t have access to food and water.  Friends of Humanity has decided to support Nepal, by supplying food, as rice, beans, oil, salt, and items of first necessity, including masks, toilet paper, soap and paracetamol, to those in need. During the delivery, our local partner Mukunda Dhungana, also educated the Nepalis on the awareness and prevention of covid-19 and the basic rules to prevent a spread (Social distancing, to use masks, washing hands, …)


Since the 25th May 2020 until 22nd June, on a weekly basis, the project has benefited around 270 families with a total impact of about 1027 single mothers, students, old aged, labor and disable living in the poor communities of Sanothimi, Suryabinayek, Kirtipur and Nalinchowok Bhaktapur, Nepal.

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