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Jardim de Juramidam

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Jardim de Juramidam is an area of 57 hectares located near the village of Alto Paraiso in the Brazilian Cerrado. Situated in central-western Brazil, this region has unique fauna and flora and one of the richest biodiversities in the world. Despite its unique biodiversity and warnings from organizations, a large part of the region has been transformed into pasture and soya fields which endanger the environment balance.


Friends of Humanity strives to preserve the reserve’s wildlife and to replant deforested areas. There is already a significant improvement in the situation, as hundreds of indigenous fruit trees and floral species have been replanted. For this project, FOH uses a holistic approach by integrating the social and economic reality of the local population with the ecological interests of the region. Indeed, all cultivations are organic and are made thanks to agroforestry techniques. This farming approach consists of cultivating medicinal herbs and other small plants under fruit trees.


Ecological impact

By protecting the zone from hunters, woodcutters, fires and cattle; the fauna, flora, and rivers are preserved. By preserving the area and reforesting ecologically sensitive zones, the Jardim de Juramidam project contributes to combating climate change.


Social and economic impact

The construction and reforestation crews largely consist of marginal and native people from the local villages. This project gives hope and dignity to these people who have in the past been marginalized. Handicraft items made from the dried fruits of the planted trees are also a potential source of profit. Also an ecotourism centre is under construction.


Spiritual Impact

A part of the project is to help people to become more peaceful and conscious. A wish is to become a point of light, a centre of healing and meditation, where people with the help of the contact with nature and spiritual works can awake a new consciousness.


Supported by Elite Rent-a-Car, this project contributes to improving the company’s ecological impact, as the reforestation will help to offset the carbon emissions of its car fleet.

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