After a long radio silence, it is time to return to the Uzima project! Last week, our team on site began installing the machines that will be used to make the sanitary pads. This is very exciting news because the project had been paralyzed for several months due to the present pandemic situation.

UZIMA means LIFE in Swahili and the aim of this project is to build a unity to produce sanitary pads for the benefit of women refugee in Rwanda. The production and distribution of these sanitary pads will be handled by the same women. This will help them to be economically independent and greatly improve their living conditions. The sanitary pads will be affordable compostable and of good quality, this way the project will be sustainable. The project has 4 main goals:

  • Health improvement: Due to the lack of water, adolescent and women refugees have to use a piece of cloth often unclean, which may cause vaginal infections.
  • Creation of jobs and new competences: To run this unit, a team of women refugees will be engaged. It will give them a job and new competences.
  • Replication of the project: The surplus of this production will be resold on the market. With this benefice, other production units will be built, which will create a solidarity network.
  • Ecologically sustainable: The sanitary pads Uzima are compostable and will be used in permaculture gardens to complete the circle.

Here are some photos of the installation of this unit.

Some samples have already been created and we are waiting for confirmation from the Rwandan Standards Board to start production. Facilities will be made in the workshop to improve the comfort of the workers.

We look forward to sharing the news of this beautiful project that was designed for women by women.

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