Environmental protection and conservation

Environmental protection is critical for the economic development to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the future generation’s ability to meet their own needs. This belief guides FOH’s activities to preserve our natural heritage. Today, the words “global warming” is on everyone’s lips. Global warming has

Protection de l’environnement et sa conservation

La protection de l’environnement est cruciale pour que le développement économique réponde aux besoins de la génération actuelle sans compromettre la capacité des générations futures à répondre à leurs propres besoins. Cette croyance guide les activités de FOH pour préserver notre héritage naturel. Aujourd’hui, les mots “réchauffement climatique” sont

Human rights and dignity

Respect of human rights is vital not only to protect the dignity of men and women all over the world but also to ensure effective democracy, sustainable development and lasting peace. We are particularly attached to defending the fundamental rights of women and children. To see our projects related


Friends of Humanity believes that education plays a vital role in the long term economic growth, especially in developing countries. For this reason, FOH passionately supports educational projects that enable people to learn and to play an active role in their society. In developed countries, education is very accessible


Friends of Humanity croit que l’éducation joue un rôle vital dans la croissance économique à long terme, en particulier dans les pays en développement. Pour cette raison, FOH soutiens passionnément des projets éducatifs qui permettent aux gens d’apprendre et de jouer un rôle actif dans la société. Dans les


The most valuable thing we have is health. We now have very good medical knowledge and an effective health care system, at least in developed countries. Infrastructures for basic health care and medical practice are often deficient in developing countries. This situation significantly weakens the possibility of economic development