The Uzima project continues!

After a long radio silence, it is time to return to the Uzima project! Last week, our team on site began installing the machines that will be used to make the sanitary pads. This is very exciting news because the project had been paralyzed for several months due to

International Women’s Day 2018

International Women’s Day 2018 Women Entrepreneurs: Empower Burundian refugees. Dear Friends,As announced earlier this year, FOH supported the creation of an “atelier de couture” for Burundian women at the Mahama camp in Rwanda to make them economically independent and able to educate their children. Together with a sponsor, Mrs. Brigitte

Annual Report 2014

Friends of Humanity has recently released it’s 2014 Annual Report. To read it click here (pdf). FOH projects are currently underway in Asia and Africa. Our main objective in 2014 was to reinforce our support of five main projects in education, women empowerment, nutrition and healthcare.